5 Important Sophisti Pop Artists: Old and Nu

5 Important Sophisti Pop Artists: Old and Nu

Sophisti Pop made it’s big debut in the mid 1980s. It was an emotional time for the entire world. Chernobyl suffered the disaster that it has yet to recover from. The space shuttle Challenger disintegrates upon take off, killing all on board. The Berlin Wall was torn down, which marked the end of the Cold War. The wreck of the Titanic was discovered, and “The Simpsons” began airing. Yes, something was needed to captivate true feeling during this time, and Sophisti Pop did just that.
This slick genre has steadily grown as the political and social climates bend and twist. It is all partially “underground”, which makes every song feel like a personal journey between the artist and the listener. Though new times call for new emotional experiences, Sophisti Pop clings steadfast to the classics as well.
In my humble opinion, these are 5 important artists to check out for a feeling-invoking collection.


Sade has been making music for over 30 years. I can’t pin down an album that catches me most. She definitely leans into the rhythm and blues family quite a bit, but when it comes to Sophisti Pop icons, Sade is the real deal. Surely, you will find many that have at least one song of hers that they adore, and I believe you could find several of your own. She is still making music, but I prefer to hold on to her earlier work from the 90s. Sade is a gorgeous woman, and she knows sensual. Her style is captivating and enchanting. If I had to nail down an album to get you started, I would pick “Diamond Life. On this album, you will find fantastic horn sections and lyrics you can relate to in any life and style.

Grace Jones

This is a very unique artist with a lot of courage. If you want to add motivating, upbeat jams to your collection, then pick up her “Nightclubbing” album. This compilation of songs crosses genre thresholds and incorporates almost tribal sounds. Grace Jones is sure to push you to the limit and create an unbreakable spirit within you. She will transform you into a lionhearted warrior ready to take-on the world. Grab her album “Nightclubbing” for an audacious addition to your playlist.

Scritti Politti

This group is a tribute to 80s style. You can hang on loosely, while they take you on a little trip into yourself. The lyrics are catchy and backed with intense hook. “Cupid & Psyche 85” is a great album to experience their full force. You will catch some tributes to reggae within this album, too. So, don’t be caught off guard when Jamaican sounds start emanating from your speakers. Just keep cruising.


Prefab Sprout

I love the simplicity of this group, and their use of harmony and cryptic lyrics. They are far from mainstream. Prefab Sprout is most definitely a throw back group but one not to be forgotten. The “Swoon” album was the one that got them their “big break” and for good reason. This English group had minimal chart success in the United States, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve a spot in our favorites.



Passion is the main focus with Rhye. This collaboration of diehard romantics has evolved into beautiful compilation of notes and lyrics. Rhye will take you a journey into the deepest part of your soul and move you to unleash your desire. The experience to be had throughout the entirety of their albums is release and escape from the everyday squabbles we are all forced to face. Forget about everything that haunts you and hit play. Loop the album “Woman“, and I’m certain you won’t ever need to skip a song.

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