A Thousand Hours – The Stillness in the Moment (exclusive)

A Thousand Hours will release their second album to date, called  “Sleep“, on July 22. The album follows their first release “Endless Grey“, and finds the Northern collective further refining their 4AD infused ethereal style.

“We aren’t a band per se,” says song arranger and writer Red Collier.We very much take our cue from This Mortal Coil and rely on a large cast of characters to assemble a large album collage. This album is far grander in scope and styling than out first one, which lends it a wide variant in sound.”

With over 12 contributors to the album, including members of the Fawns of Love, Friends of Alice Ivy and the Beremy Jets, it would be more appropriate to call A Thousand Hours a project rather than a band. Even though the inspiration of the collective is mainly being drawn from the “old” dreampop sound,  they have their own, original take on it.

The album is available now for pre-release here: https://onethousandhours.bandcamp.com/album/sleep

Fadeawayradiate had the honours to reveal an exclusive track from the new album “Sleep” for you! It’s called “The Stillness in the Moment“: a track full of heavy Dark Wave electro beats, narcotic, spectral Cocteau Twins keys,  guitars reminiscent of The Sound and angelic, otherwordly vocals done by Jenny Andreotti from the Fawns of Love. Enjoy!

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