Washed Out – Face Up

Washed Out’s recently released single produced for “Adult Swim, “Face Up” reminds us why Ernest Green out stands apart from other dream pop artists: his perfect execution of 80’s post-punk revival dreamy synth, balanced with his own modern, whimsical, and innovative beats. No wonder “Adult Swim” chose Ernest Green to entice their viewers into their animated fictional worlds with the lull of a mesmerizing ethereal synths.

The track goes back to the basics with its smooth “Take My Breath Away,” airy celestial synth and fuzzy enchanting shoegaze vocals. Ernest Green’s comment to Stone Throw Records on the song has me anxiously anticipating more music that feels so nostalgic. “This song was the first thing I wrote post-Mister Mellow and it contains none of the sample-driven craziness or detached irony found in that era. Instead it’s a simple song with a simple sentiment.”

Far removed removed from last year’s “Mister Mellow,” this fresh new single restores my hope for dream pop that keeps 80s and early 90s dream pop memories alive. This song impressed me with its ability to make me feel of the comfort of nostalgia, but also making me feel the titillating experience of hearing moving new song.

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