Harrison Lipton – Loveliness


Harrison’s Lipton has captivated us with his sensual and heartfelt debut album “Loveliness.” His dynamic gospel trained voice compliments the soft downtempo synth beats and warm guitar melodies. The album cover shows Lipton playing a guitar and casually dipping his feet in a colourful otherworldly pool, surrounded by a serene utopia of verdant trees, and smoldering magenta clouds. In this prismatic word, Lipton serenades the listener with music that imitates the pool’s soft undulation. After working with great artists like Giraffage and Mister Lies, Lipton’s debut album is a perfect amalgam of dream pop and soul fusion flavours of quiet storm.

The term “bedroom pop” came about in 2017 with Clairo’s “Pretty Girl.” After going viral, Spotify featured her and others on a playlist they labeled “bedroom pop.” These songs are created in the privacy of a bedroom, a place of tranquility, free from hesitation. Lipton wrote and recorded the whole record in this parents’ living room. With the help of friends Marco Gill, Ian Bakerman, Noah Ross, Lipton’s innate vocals, piano and production talents are illuminated in a domain free from inhibition. These openly creative spaces of comfort creates a level of intimacy with the listener. When I asked Lipton about his opinion the label “bedroom pop” he replied “I’m indifferent about it.” His array of capabilities keeps him free from the constriction of genre labels.

The music video for “Beacon,” expresses the various themes addressed in the album: sexuality and masculinity. Lipton stars in the his video “Beacon.” He is depicted a cowboy on a solitary journey searching for a guiding light, a beacon. Lipton described this metaphorical and literal journey to me,

Beacon” deals with concepts of sexuality and masculinity––the refrain “I don’t know what to believe” is a direct reference to my sexuality. The video traces my journey to find a place––emotionally––where I can accept the person I am, but whether or not I find that place remains to be seen. “Beacon” examines the space between confusion and conviction––the character don’t know exactly where he’s going, or what he’s looking for specifically, but the allure of the beacon draws him in and he’s willing to go through hell to find it.”

Already featured on NPR’s “All Songs Considered,” the allure of Lipton’s music is irresistible and inspirational. Listen to “Loveliness,” and get lost in Lipton’s glittering world.

Loveliness streams at all music platforms now: here!

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