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Dreampop, Jangle and Twee

This group is here to share, promote that dreamy, psychedelic indie sound, not matter what basis. So please post older dreampop, jangly C86 stuff, twee, or newer electro-pop and nu-disco!

At the moment, Dreampop seems to be a catch-all term for dreamy indiepop that certainly isn’t bound to “guitar-only” anymore: it has become a type of indie-hybrid that’s flirts with 70’s and 80’s pop and in which electropop, sophistipop, nu-disco go hand-in-hand with the ethereal soundscapes, washes of reverberated guitar, and gossamer vocals. Literally anything goes these days! The new dreampop, or chill wave/ glo-fi, as it is sometimes called, is quite different from its former, original state and also different from shoegaze which, as a genre stayed mainly dominated by the guitar effect pedal wall of noise, and uses little or no other non-guitar electronics (although boundaries are often as hazy as the sound itself).

Sophistipop Lounge

Sophisti-pop (sophisticated pop) is a slick, expensive studio-produced style of pop heavy on the brass, synthesizers, smooth vocals and sharp, fitted suits. Influences range from the Doobie Brothers’ yacht rock, Steely Dan’s jazz/pop fusion, and virtually everything by David Bowie and Bryan Ferry from the ’80s to now.

Originated in the early ’80s out of the new wave movement by artists like ABC, Everything But the Girl, the Style Council and Prefab Sprout, it expanded into adult contemporary and quiet storm, thanks to chart-toppers Simply Red and Sade, respectively. The refined, clean production of Saint Etienne, Rhye and Jessie Ware have resurrected the term.

Just for hell of it…we love our 80’s stuff!! However shitty…. some of it is priceless 🙂
Think Synthpop mixed with Jazz, ( Nothern) Soul, Bossa (and often a lot of 60’s thrown in) ..sleek hairdo’s and suits!
But also think 90’s easy-listening/ loungy revival stuff like Saint Ettienne, Louis Phillippe and the Divine Comedy.
Just sat back, relax , have a Martini, and enjoy the smooth sounds!

China Crisis Appreciation Group

Simply a great dedicated group of die-hard fans of this underrated duo from Liverpool that has been around for 30 plus years and left us a legacy of a never-ending back-catalogue full of gems .

Spielraum group

An Expedition into the world of P!O!P!. Following the tracks of èl, Sarah, Trattoria, Bungalow, Readymade,Tokyo, apricot, Escalator and all the other great indiepop labels & maestros into the future. Tommorows World in yesterdays pictures

Shoegaze On

Back from nowhere! It was gone for a while but back due to demand. Once one of the biggest Shoegaze groups on FB, now we start from scratch again….nice and quietly sharing the beautiful noise.