Please sent your music submissions on to the following email-address:

Please note that however much we would like to help promote everybody, we are pretty selective of what I post: it’s not like we are making money from it people! It takes up time….We have to really feel it!
So please don’t get angry when I don’t get back to you or simply say that it’s not what I am looking for right now. People that can write and have ideas, friends : this might be start-out platform…please feel free to contact us!

The main focus here is nu & old dreampop, electro/dreampop, sophistipop, janglepop and shoegaze. Please, please, please no generic indie pop or rock!! No dark, goth or heavy shit….We do get a lot of that but there are plenty of other blogs for that!!!! Have a good look at what is posted and you get the drift!