Alternative Facts Compilation : 3 exclusive songs….

Alternative Facts is a brandnew compilation of shoegaze and dream pop artists in opposition to tyranny, and in support of civil liberties and women’s health. Half of the musical contributions are exclusive for the album and unheard before it. All proceeds from this compilation will be split evenly between Planned Parenthood and the A.C.L.U. This compilation is the initiative of Corey Osborne ( Lightfoils/Panda Riot) and released is the only label issue of DKFM shoegaze radio.

We had the honour, here at Fadeawayradiate, to review 3 exclusive premiere songs by Brief Candles, Lightfoils and The Stargazer Lilies!! All wonderful bands, all exquisite songs…

Release date 17-3-2017 ( digital only release)

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Brief Candles “Alarm Fatigue” reviewed by Brenna Cavanaugh

Milwaukee based Brief Candles absolutely shimmers with it’s offering “Alarm Fatigue”. This driving call to arms sounds a bit like Sonic Youth meets Twee, with a pop sensibility and structure that still manages to balance powerhouse fuzz with melodic riffs. The song first floats, then distorts and weaves back and forth, always somehow staying in the expected parameters. Within the track there is also a taut sense of urgency, much like the tensions felt in the political landscape; making it a perfect selection for this compilation release. As for a new full release by Brief Candles, this offering has me waiting with bated breath for more. 


Lightfoils: Retracereviewed By Daylily Alvarez

Chicago dreampop group, Lightfoils, premiere “Retrace,” featuring Rebecca Scott (of Panda Riot) on vocals, on the “Alternative Facts” compilation. This dreamy current of enveloping sound waves begins with the lovely backdrop of a reversed track, and a smooth bass line (a signature Lightfoils sound by now). The drums chime in, along with the lead guitar at about 30 seconds in, and then Rebecca’s vocals begin a melody of longing until the overdriven guitars interrupt in the pre-chorus. It begins to sound like what having the floor underneath collapse must feel like. But instead of a rapid, violent decent, the chorus is a soft slide into Rebecca’s melody, and carried by bent guitar strums and a bridge into the euphony of floating, jangly guitars, a piquant bass line and photic drums. Essentially, this song shows that Lightfoils continuously demonstrate that they can sway, or rock the f*ck out. If this song is THE prelude of what is to come from Lightfoils, we are excited for their evolution and cannot wait to hear more new material.

The Stargazer Lilies Let’s Kill Timereviewed by: Jennifer L. Holland

The Stargazer Lilies’ darkly beautiful new single “Let’s Kill Time” begins tenderly like a lullaby sung at bedtime. Bassist/vocalist Kim Field croons, “Pity the day is slipping by, we won’t forget it. With open space to wonder why, we won’t regret it.” Only this moment is a fleeting one, soon to be thrust into the immense chaos of dark matter covered in distortion. The vocal melody becomes a distant memory of a voice that once gave comfort after a bad dream, still pretty as ever but no longer tangible.

The drum and bass parts consistently and slowly march throughout the song, harnessing the feeling as if being pulled away or towards something. This has a lulling effect in the same way white noise somehow allows for something as quiet as sleep. At 1:38 the chant-like vocals drop out, and the guitar part (John Cep) veers off course into its own transgressions, vigorously fighting against the hold. Before it takes off entirely, the vocal melody calls out to return back: “Let’s kill time for a million years, and make now never end”. Perhaps we have fallen into a dream too heavy, and this is the sound of the voice gently trying to wake us up. This song exists somewhere in that half-conscious state when you believe a huge wave is crashing down in your bedroom, but then your eyes open and everything is dry.

For the production lovers, here is an instrumental breakdown of the song by my musician friend Robert: “The mellotron in the introduction creates a nice dark wave. The warmth of the fretless bass with a light chorus effect beautifully adds to that movement. There is a saturation effect on the guitar that crashes in with heavy modulation, distortion and reverb, creating a wet full sound. The drums are mixed way back creating space and depth. The solo guitar has a slow rotary of flanger bringing out the swirly sounds of light reflecting off ripples in water. It’s like a warm wave, the ambient glow of sun light, crashing through stained glass of an old church at sunrise. Piercing one’s heart, releasing their soul to transcend to the next level. Heaven.”

Spend time immersed within this song.

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