Perfect Blue – Wicked

Perfect Blue is a six-piece band from Chicago, derived from the need to do something a little different in their local music scene. Perfect Blue: “We self record and produce all our music ourselves in our home-base studio, Abbey Cat Recordings.”  Their upcoming EP is the band’s debut release and the song “Wicked” is the first single of this EP, mastered by Sarah Register (Depeche Mode, The Shins, Sia) and written recorded, produced, and mixed the track at their own home studio. Making use of synthesizers, mellotrons, vintage drum machines, guitar effects and horns, the band draws from all sorts of musical influences, which is evident in “Wicked“. At first hearing it sounds a bit like Mazzy Star with the singer from Cranes, but soon it swoops into an infectious, melodic, almost folky chorus backed by a steady shoegazey backdrop. Somehow it all works. I have grown to like the track more at each listen: there is something charmingly naive and slighty “dissonant” going on at the same time, which makes it interesting and stand out.

Perfect Blue has also recently released quite a music video for “Wicked”, directed by their keyboardplayer  Joseph Drzemiecki. Do check it out!

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